Life After The Market America International Convention 2014

10592840_10152234037817681_4024980611173741209_nWhat a week, what a week! The Market America International Convention 2014 was, as this generation would say, ‘LIT’! Three days jam packed with the latest news on your favorite products, new reveals, as well as live performances by Conquer Entertainment’s very own soul singer Jeneen Terrana, the beautiful and talented Stevi Leigh and country star Mark Mckinney. This year’s lineup was another notch under Conquer’s belt. Terrana who’s performed on the main stage in the past brought out the big guns in a performance with a live band, dolled up in Motives and a dress that beamed to the last row. Stevi also conquered the stage in a beautiful red skirt and booming vocals that rippled through the arena. Mckinney closed out the week’s performances with some of his original songs that had crowds standing, chanting and dancing at the rim of the stage. All performances to remember.

The convention also featured a special performance by celebrity super star and Ridinger family friend, Jamie Foxx, that had the crowd roaring! The performance, a special tribute to Loren Ridinger, included popular hits such as “Blame It (On The Alcohol)”, “Unpredictable”, “Gold Digger” and more! Also including a live presentation by Fat Joe and new song reveal featuring J.Lo that motivated distributors to keep pushing the entrepreneurial dream.

Dare we mention our annual after party? With performances by Justina, Shiragirl, Q Baby and special headliners, hip hop artists Fat Joe and Maino. Justina’s performance included an unexpected freestyle session with Fat Joe, followed by an “Unbelievable” remix with Maino and a set of some his well known hits “Hands In The Air”, “All About You” and more. If you missed it, you certainly snoozed! This weekend is one we’ll be talking about for years to come.

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For more videos from the 2014 Market America International Convention and the Conquer Entertainment After Party, click here!

Greensboro, We’re BACK!

Excitement ensues as we prepare for the Market America International Convention 2014. With live main stage performances by some of our amazing Conquer acts, performing before a whopping 20,000+ guests! We’ve got live performances on stage, acoustic performances at the booth, online streaming and more, we will be LIVE everywhere! Plus a rockin’ after party that will have you dancing till the wee hours of the night. There’s no denying that music is everywhere and that it indeed makes the world go round.

Join us as we take over the Greensboro scene! Conquer the weekend in a kick off night, August 8th at The Blind Tiger with performances featuring special guest and Hip Hop rapper Maino celebrating his latest and successful album KOB that featured the likes of T.I., French Montana, Meek Mill, Troy Ave, Jadakiss, Raekwon, Uncle Murda just to mention a few. Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour Shiragirl and miss red velvet herself, Justina! We’ve rocked it in the years past and we are ready to do it again. Are you ready?

Justina ‘Unbelievable’ Remix featuring Maino.
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Shira Rocking The Shiragirl Stage at the Vans Warped Tour 2014.
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Warped Tour 2014: Sara Leketa

Sara Leketa and C.A.D. Nina Pickell

Sara Leketa and C.A.D. Nina Pickell

So often we see our favorite artists take the stage and assume that they’ve got it all together but we can’t forget that our musical heroes are still human. Many still get nervous before hitting a stage, others feel the rush of doubt after its over. In every scenario they never give up on the gift at hand. Warped Tour performing artist Sara Leketa is a testament of that. Seizing her fears for what she loves most and giving fans the sound they came for.

1. You struggled for some time with stage fright, how did you overcome that challenge? What advice would you share with others experiencing the same?

A lot of Vodka!! (Kidding!!!) I used to literally be sick for days before a show, and tremble so badly I could barely play. So I decided the only way I would get over it, was by doing it more. So I played as much as, and in as many places possible, the more uncomfortable I was, the better because I knew it would be easier next time. Thats my biggest advice to anyone struggling with the same. Do it as much as you possibly can, and challenge yourself to perform in all sorts of environments. The butterflies never go away, but as someone once told me- “that’s how you know you love it.”

2. Bret Michaels, (from) Poison, and the BMB)!! What was it like sharing the stage with such a well known act?
Opening for Bret Michaels was a dream come true! I was a HUGE Poison fan growing up, so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to open for someone I looked up to so much as a child. I have to say, he was one of the most appreciative and genuine entertainers I’ve ever met. Very sincere.

3. Who are some of your biggest music inspirations?
Oh man, so many! Music was a constant staple when I was growing up. I really dig the Blues, Classic rock and old Motown. Bessie Smith, Otis redding, Big Brother and the Holding Co. More recently, artists like Beth Hart, The Black Crowes and of course Aerosmith! Maya Angelou has had a huge impact on me creatively.

Honestly, I draw a lot of inspiration from the local artists and anyone very honestly into their art and creativity.

4. You recently took on the shiragirl stage at Warped Tour, what was that experience like? Is it what you imagined?
We had a blast playing the Shiragirl stage at Warped Tour! Everyone was great to us, and the experience was something to remember.

5. Can we expect to see you take the Warped Tour stage in the future?
I hope so! We’d love to come back, and we’ll be ready to rock!

Warped Tour 2014 with Melanie Lynx

Melanie Lynx

Melanie Lynx

Among the many bands and artists to take the stage at Warped Tour this year were some Conquer veterans. Fresh off the stage of the American Airlines Arena in a performance before 25,000 people, Melanie Lynx sees no boundaries in her future. Taking on the Shiragirl Stage at Warped Tour she couldn’t be any less excited about the whole experience. See what she had to say about the tour and the stage that’s putting rocking women on the music map!

1. It was great to have you take the stage at Warped Tour this year. Tell us about that experience. Was it everything you expected? And can we expect to see you at Warped Tour in the future?
My Warped experience was IN-CRED-I-BLE. I had the time of my life, met some amazing people, had some really magical moments on stage, and can now say I PLAYED WARPED TOUR. I look forward to playing Warped in the future for sure.

2. What does the Shiragirl Stage represent to you as a female artist?
Through my experiences I’ve found that a lot of female artists are often underestimated and let me tell you… there is nothing better than seeing a confident, beautiful and badass female up on stage performing with her band. This year at Warped- amongst all the dude bands- I think it was fucking cool how the Shiragirl Stage featured badass female artists and just how hard they can rock.

3. As a dedicated Conquer Entertainment artist what wise words would you pass on to the artists who are recently joining or contemplating the decision?
Conquer has opened up doors to me I don’t think I would have ever accessed otherwise at this early in my career. They’ve provided me with my own Certified Artist Developer, teams of supporters, and opportunities that have helped in countless ways to give my career a kick start. I’ve played arenas multiple times with 25,000 people, at famous venues and now at Warped Tour. I couldn’t be more grateful.

4. Tell us about your most memorable performance. What makes it so memorable and what did you take from that experience?
I have had a ton of performances that have been memorable all for different reasons. I mostly remember the ones where the crowd was super interactive—they’re attention tells me I’m doing my job right.

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Warped Tour 2014: WASI

Wasi Photo by Photography Kid

Wasi Photo by Photography Kid

Though the tour has passed we are still excited to hear from the bands that have graced the stage! Get to know performing band WASI. California natives putting their gift to work on stage and serving a good cause with foundation Keep A Breast.

1. How did the band get their first start?
Cosmo: Jessie and I were a duo called We Are / She Is. In November 2013, we decided to use the acronym as it was hard for people to remember our band name. We started going by WASI and decided to lean it towards just a dancier and poppier vibe. Jessie and I actually first met because I booked a show with a non-existent band back in Orange County.

Jessie: Cosmo and I have been playing together for quite a few years and it feels like since we started WASI everything has felt totally right. We pretty much got our first start when Carlo joined us and the chemistry has been great from the beginning.

Carlo: It was early February of this year and I had just moved to LA. Jessie and Cosmo asked me to fill in on the drums and I had to learn their material in three days. The show went over well and have been their drummer ever since. I’d say me joining the band helped burying what was left over of We Are / She Is and transforming fully into WASI.

2. Tell us about your most memorable performance during your residency at Silverlake Lounge in LA.
Cosmo: We Love Silverlake Lounge! It’s a small bar a few minutes away from where we live. All of our closest band friends played and we used it as a fun experiment on trying out what WASI is all about.

Jessie: I think all of the nights were awesome and it was a great introduction to what WASI is about now. It was also a great beginning for Cosmo and I with Carlo. The chemistry really showcased in what the live show is now about. All the bands we played with are our friends!

Carlo: I had my first show after moving to LA there and it was super thrilling. I’ve been wanting to play in a band that’s all about high energy and throwing a party and there I was doing exactly that.

3. Its amazing to see artists serve the community, what motivated your band to partner with non-profit organization, Keep a Breast?
Cosmo: We all have people we love and care about that have been directly affected by cancer. We love what Keep a Breast is about and the awareness they bring to the table.

Jessie: Same as what Cosmo said. Keep a Breast is awesome and I’ve been personally aware of what they do prior to meeting them. Who doesn’t love, “I <3 Boobies!” Everyone that works with the company is awesome and it was a real pleasure getting to meet them.

Carlo: It’s good to use your publicity for a greater cause and we think Keep A Breast is a very great foundation.

4. How were you received at Warped Tour 2014 and what did you take away from that experience?
Cosmo: Playing Warped Tour has always been our teenage dream. I was taken aback by the kind of community everyone behind the scenes has created. It’s a really welcoming community that I didn’t expect! The people were really into it too! There’s a song we do where we go out into the crowd and hand out balloons… that was an epic fail with the wind and everything. But we got the point across!

Jessie: Playing Warped tour was so much fun and it was an honor being part of Conquer Entertainment. The Warped Tour community is so welcoming and it was fun meeting so many new people. WT 2005 was one of my first concerts and it was crazy actually getting to play almost 10 years later!

Carlo: I definitely think we were a good fit for Warped Tour. We’ve received great feedback and someone actually booked us for another show after seeing us there (it’s going to be at the Awaken Cafe in Oakland on August 9).

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Warped Tour 2014: VARNA



Dynamic rock trio VARNA graced the Shiragirl stage at Warped Tour 2014 and is now taking over the Conquer blog. We interviewed the group and got the story on their start, their Warped experience and more. Get to know this band of killer vocals and hard rock.

1. When did VARNA first come together?
Rob: For me personally, that question is more in the direction of “when did the VARNA members really become confident in their work together?”

Tiana: Rossen and I started this band in 2010. We met while he was installing a fan in my apartment (he was an electrician by day). We had a bunch of band member changes, played a lot of shows and made a lot of crappy demos. We found Rob at the end of 2012 and have been a trio as VARNA ever since.

2. The band has received acclaims across the UK, US and more, as well as an exclusive premiere on Revolver Magazine. What was that like? Did you all imagine reaching such height at this moment in your careers?
Tiana: For me, it was absolutely insane. We knew we had something special but I was so used to people ignoring us and our music, that it blew my mind that people freaked out about it. Then on top of all that, getting nothing but positive reviews from critics all over the world? You see that for other bands, but not your own. Until you do. The Revolver Premiere knocked me out for sure. We are all fans of the magazine. I thought if we work hard enough, ONE DAY we would get there but not our first release.

Rossen: We were hesitant at first to release new music, because we didn’t know if people were going to like it. It is amazing how all the music reviews and people’s responses were positive. It is also amazing how much we accomplished in such a short period of time. We literally released our music without playing many shows and without having a following. Now people come to us and ask us to be interviewed or write about us.

Rob: I fantasized about it! Ha!

3. You recently rocked out at the Vans Warped Tour 2014, what was that experience like? Any memorable moments you’d like to share?
Tiana: It was amazing and crazy at the same time. We drove all night, had 3 hours of sleep, hustled all day meeting new fans and then played a show. You literally just run on adrenaline until your body decides to give out on you. We were so lucky to play for so many people who hadn’t heard of us before. We meet everyone after our set which is the icing for me. They were so excited. If it wasn’t for Warped Tour & Conquer Entertainment giving us this opportunity, none of these people would have heard of us. Thank you guys so much!

Rossen: It was one of our best shows. We had so much fun driving there and meeting new people. We got a really awesome response from those who came to meet us after we played. It’s great to be able to excite people with our music, and to see that they genuinely enjoyed our set.

Rob: Playing Warped and meeting new fans/bands/friends was my best memory of the 2014 summer if you ask me :) . The worst was the 4am up-and-at-it rushing to get to each city WITHOUT breakfast.

4. Who are some of the band’s music inspirations?
Tiana: We all have different influences. For me it is Silverchair, Mariah Carey, Incubus, etc.

Rossen: Musically, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Slayer, The Offspring, Pantera, Metallica..

Rob: Darkest Hour!!! Our sponsor: Cold Cock Whiskey got T and I into Mayhem 2014 (San Bernardino) and I met all of them for the first time seeing them!!!.

5. What can we expect from the next projects to come?
Tiana: We are going in the studio next month. We are so excited. We have some new material that we are so passionate about. We all have grown as a band in this short time and we are ready to show the world what this band can do!

Rob: Badass hard rock with awesome vocals, son!!!

Rossen: More awesome music. If you like what you heard from our EP This Time, It’s Personal, you will not be disappointed from the new songs that we are working on. It’s awesome, it’s hard, and it is catchy!

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Warped Tour 2014: Death of Paris

Death of Paris

Death of Paris

In times when romance has ceased to exist and music has lost some of its edge come bands that revive the notion, reminding us that not all is lost but simply misplaced. Meet Warped Tour performing band, Death of Paris! Whose unconventional style and passion proves that music, love and art are not dead.

1. How did the band first come together?
After graduating and having been in a prior band together, Blake and I decided we weren’t just yet done with music. The idea of a 9-5 job seemed more like a threat than security so we turned to writing songs instead. Those songs turned into a project we called Death of Paris. We put out our first album as a duo but knew we needed to find the right members to flesh out the band. We’d tried out several different members but when Patrick joined us on guitar a few months after the s/t CD Release we knew we’d found the missing piece. We spent the last 2 years touring, writing, and developing our sound which we were able to showcase on our new EP “GOSSIP” that we put out at the end of 2013.

2. What does the band name, Death of Paris, represent? What message does it communicate to fans?
When choosing a name for the band, we wanted something that was feminine but edgy that also meant something as a whole. A conversation with friends about the current state of love and connectivity and how more and more of our world revolves around the whole “hook up culture” really made us pause to reflect on the death of romance. So, we set it up as a metaphor, Paris, the city of love, in ruins… It’s the death of paris, and the death of an ideal of romance. Our songs explore the themes of love, lust, revenge, and bittersweetness.

3. What unique style, personality and strength does each member of the band contribute that makes your band one of a kind?
Interesting question! I’m the dreamer of the band, Patrick’s the skeptic, and Blake’s the realist. It’s actually taken us a long time to realize this and use it to our advantage in working through challenges together.

4. Tell us about one memorable moment from your Warped Tour experience.
We’ve never played Warped Tour before!!! This is such a huge opportunity for us and something we’ve worked towards since the beginning. We’ve had a lot of fun brainstorming marketing and promo ideas to get our name out to as many people as possible during our time at Warped. It’s been a fun exercise in thinking outside of the box for us and we’re excited to try some stuff out and to continue that type of promo in the future. The most memorable moment so far has been being simply asked to play the Get Conquer / Shiragirl stage! We think Conquer is a really cool social media platform for artists and we’ve been a fan of Shiragirl for years, so being a part of THEIR stage at Warped just makes the invitation that much sweeter!

5. Can we expect to see your band perform in next year’s tour?
I sure hope so! :) We’d absolutely jump on/tackle the opportunity if it presents itself. We think the Conquer Ent + Shiragirl anniversary partnership has been a really smart move and refreshing addition to the Warped Tour this year, and we’d love to see even more dates featuring the stage next year!

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Warped Tour 2014: Blair La Rose

Blair La Rose

Blair La Rose

Taking after the influences of stars like Janet Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston and more, Blair La Rose is on a mission to share her gift with the world. Presenting heart pumping soundtracks to get you on your feet, you won’t survive a show without dancing. Meet the lady behind the sound, Blair La Rose.

1. Tell us a little more about your music background. When did it all begin?
I don’t remember when it began because I’ve always known it to be there. Music has been played to me while inside my mothers stomach up until today and creating it became natural nevertheless a joy. I started studying the technique, skill, and history at the age of three at the prestigious Peabody Prepatory School of Music in Baltimore, MD. From that point on I participated in every school musical, jazz band, madrigals choir, ensemble and talent show meanwhile taking piano lessons and competing nationally in classical piano. I made it to the Duke Ellington School of The Arts after trying out for the Baltimore School of the Arts as well, but continued my musical journey to Miami instead. There I attended the University of Miami where I participated in Woman’s Chorale and was an avid member of the Philip Frost School of Music. I do it today for my sanity, I couldn’t go a day without it and some day I hope I will be able to do it full time.

2. Who are some of your music influences?
Marketing wise I would say Madonna, she gives me very good ideas. Janet has the style in addition to Aaliyah but vocally Whitney Houston, she has definitely been an inspiration with who she embodied as an artist. Michael Jackson and Prince would be the ultimate male influences in addition to the entrepreneurial spirit of Jay Z’s business mind.

3. What did you take away from your experience at Warped Tour?
A lot. I learned more discipline could help me in reaching the audience I aim towards and in larger numbers. Not to mention I realized even more that we are the only ones in control of our brand, yes there are people to help execute the strategy but I must accept that as my responsibility. More than anything preparation is key!

4. You’ve worked with some well known artists such as Fat Joe, Teyanna Taylor and Wiz Khalifa, how did your experience with these artists mold your craft?
The experience didn’t necessarily help mold my craft however it was a good opportunity to be a part of and to expose my skills vocally and with the pen.

5. What does the future hold for Blair La Rose? What can we expect to see from you within the next few years?
A lot more visual production. Artists should express themselves to their full potential there’s a lot I want to show rather than say and let the music narrate. Oh! There should definitely be a platinum record or three or four somewhere in those expectations and more international recognition.

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Warped Tour 2014: June Divided

June Divided

June Divided

Warped Tour performing band June Divided reminds us that “all work and no play” is simply not an option. Their fun personality paired with thumping lyrics and a unique sound is a breath of fresh air to music fans everywhere.

We interviewed the band to get a bit more on who they are and what they represent, and we’ve got to say, we’re totally digging it!

1. When did you all meet and how did the band come together?
3/4′s of us met in college- we went to Drexel for Music Industry. We found our drummer on Craigslist. We weren’t serious about starting a band, and kind of put the ad out as a joke, but we dug Keith’s reply and when we met, we all really hit it off.

2. Some bands have rituals before they hit the stage, do you have any special ones you can share?
Stretching? You can get hurt out there…

3. In your downtime, what is your favorite thing to do as a group?
We love practicing on Sunday because we either watch football together or The Walking Dead when it’s on. Also, Philadelphia is a beer town, so we definitely have our favorite bars.

4. What is the songwriting process like for the band? Do you all contribute? Where do you find your inspiration?
We all definitely contribute. We each have some different influences, but we can also agree on a lot of the same music, so that’s what makes it great. Melissa will either write the song and bring it to the band, or someone in the band will come up with a cool riff or beat that eventually is turned into a song.

5. Is there a band motto you live by?
“It could be worse!” When bad stuff happens- could be worse. When good stuff happens- could definitely be worse, so be thankful!

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Warped Tour 2014: Welcome to the KaleidoFam



Entering the Detroit music scene in 2011, Kaleido has been hitting the ground running. Their passion and hard work continues to prove itself, gaining them an outstanding 11 night win for the People’s Choice. Now performing at the 2014 Vans Warped Tour there’s only room for success and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Get to know the band, their challenges, the climb and dedication.

1. In only few years your band has made quite a name for themselves, what are some challenges you’ve faced throughout this climb?
Agreeing on who’s iPod to listen to in the van! Seriously though, any challenge we’re faced with is just another mountain we know we’ll climb, and know that together we’ll get to the top. We assume that the challenges we’ve faced are pretty standard for any other indie/DIY band out there, whether it’s money, transportation, lack of showering… We just roll with the punches and keep it moving.

2. You won the People’s Choice 11 consecutive nights against big name artists such as Blink 182, Muse, Jack White and more, what was that experience like?
It was MIND BLOWING!! Through that experience we really got to see how incredible our fan base, the KaleidoFam, is. They’re like an army! We have them to thank for all of those wins.

3. What was it like to hit the Warped Tour stage this year?
Warped is sick! We’ve done some dates on the tour for the last 3 summers now and we always come home with hilarious, awesome new stories & tons of new fans.

4. You’ve taken part in many festivals, what makes each performance different from the last?
The crowd in front of us. Our show is super interactive, so it’s rad getting to play to a festival crowd where the demographic is pretty vast. We change our clothes sometimes too… So that also makes each show a little different.

5. Any words for the new fans joining the KaleidoFam?
Welcome to our crazy family!!! You’re stuck with us now!!!

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