For the “Do it yourselfer”, some things fall by the wayside when planning a video. Usually 2 of those are lighting and sound. We’ll focus on sound today and the solution is really easy for a one man crew. It’s a Rode videomic. I would also recommend purchasing an extra wind shield for it called… Read More

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“Why does my music need to be mastered” is something we’ve asked ourselves as we look at the cost of going into the studio, the cost of editing and now the cost of mastering. Cost saving measures usually mean we call the project done after it’s been edited. How do we play it? We crank… Read More

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There’s no greater feeling than that of the rush before the stage. With one chance to make an impression, one song to make an impact and all the bumps encountered on your way to the performance, jitters are but a minor thought when so much hangs on the line. It’s the feeling every artist lives… Read More


Fat Joe and Conquer Entertainment want to offer you a chance to win: The Ultimate Anti-Stress Package 1 bottle of Isotonix™ Activated B Complex, 1 bottle of Isotonix OPC-3®, 1 bottle of Isotonix L-Tryptophan, 1 bottle of Bliss® Anti-Stress Formula Conquer Entertainment Swag All you have to do to enter for a chance to win… Read More


You have the right to free speech! Within reason, of course. This doesn’t mean you won’t be subject to consequences and repercussions. Yelling “bomb!” in an airport isn’t good and will get you in legal trouble. Insulting someone may get you into financial trouble with a slander or libel lawsuit. And then there is speaking… Read More

5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock sound check – 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 10 let the show begin! In a countdown that started months ago during the planning and scheduling of the Conquer Entertainment After Party, we can’t express the excitement that builds once the night has finally arrived. In spite of all the paperwork… Read More


What a week, what a week! The Market America International Convention 2014 was, as this generation would say, ‘LIT’! Three days jam packed with the latest news on your favorite products, new reveals, as well as live performances by Conquer Entertainment’s very own soul singer Jeneen Terrana, the beautiful and talented Stevi Leigh and country… Read More

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Excitement ensues as we prepare for the Market America International Convention 2014. With live main stage performances by some of our amazing Conquer acts, performing before a whopping 20,000+ guests! We’ve got live performances on stage, acoustic performances at the booth, online streaming and more, we will be LIVE everywhere! Plus a rockin’ after party… Read More

Sara Leketa and C.A.D. Nina Pickell

So often we see our favorite artists take the stage and assume that they’ve got it all together but we can’t forget that our musical heroes are still human. Many still get nervous before hitting a stage, others feel the rush of doubt after its over. In every scenario they never give up on the… Read More

Melanie Lynx

Among the many bands and artists to take the stage at Warped Tour this year were some Conquer veterans. Fresh off the stage of the American Airlines Arena in a performance before 25,000 people, Melanie Lynx sees no boundaries in her future. Taking on the Shiragirl Stage at Warped Tour she couldn’t be any less… Read More