Taking the mic

Conquer Interviews Hip Hop Artist HBizzle

This weekend we had the opportunity to interview Hip Hop Artist, Country Boy, and Dedicated Father HBizzle! Give him a follow @HBizzle252 So tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, where you’re going  “I’m HB Hargett the 4th from Jones County 252 Eastern North Carolina. I am Mr. 252, and I’m going straight to the top because; I believe it and therefore I can achieve it. I know I’ve got what it takes to change the world in […]


Conquer Interviews Jon Eric of Loop Labs and WiFi Records

This week we had the opportunity to interview Jon Eric Zayas, creator of Loop Labs and the newly established WiFi Records! Jon is a music professional who takes a fresh new approach to the music industry, taking advantage of today’s innovative technology to connect people from all over the world, fans and musicians alike!   “Well where I came from I’ve had a large influence just from my family always being involved in the industry, the entertainment, the arts and I was heavily intrigued by […]



Branding is one of the most important aspects when it comes to promoting your business onsocial media and your website. If you are sending your traffic to iTunes or ReverbNation you need to understand you are promoting them. Instead you should be promoting your own website and then offer links to iTunes or ReverbNation but at least now you have a chance to engage them with what you are offering on your website.‪ #‎BrandYourself‬ #ConquerLife ‘Tony Molinaro is a successful […]


A one on one interview with Conquer Entertainment heart and soul artist Olamide Faison. Olamide, Where are you from and what are two things most people don’t know about you? “Well; I was born and raised in New York City, Midtown Hell’s Kitchen to be exact. And two things people don’t know about me, and two things that people don’t know about me. One. . . I’m in Love. I’m in love with Spanish Food! And the second thing. . […]

Johnny Walker Experience

The Johnny Walker Experience

Hey everyone! Conquer Entertainment would like to introduce you to one of Conquers multi-talented artists! Johnny Walker has literally done it all! As if being an amazing singer/songwriter with over 500 original songs wasn’t enough, this guy has gone from being a back-up dancer for ‎Prince, to fashion designer (Ladies he designs shoes), to screenwriter. . . we could go on and on about all his accomplishments. Johnny continues to be an inspiring voice in the entertainment industry, overcoming all odds […]

Conquer The Moment

Will You Conquer The Moment?

JOIN US IN GREENSBORO Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC Are you ready to Conquer the Moment with us? Conquer Entertainment invites you to participate in taking the musical future one bold step at a time by participating in a special outreach campaign to attendees of the 2015 Market America International Convention. The campaign is called Conquer The Moment, and every Conquer artist attending the convention is eligible to participate. What do you need to do? Simple-share the Conquer vision with as […]

Dan Reardon 2

MAIC2015 & Dan Reardon’s Album Release

The Time is Near! – MAIC & Dan Reardon’s New Album Release We are truly excited to share some very significant and exciting information with you in August during the Market America International Convention and we hope to see all of you there. As most of us are preparing for yet another Amazing Convention, we have decided to host our next broadcast the Thursday following convention August 13th 9pm EST. This will be a special broadcast that gives a Recap of […]

Little Texas Band

Interview with Duane Propes

Little Texas, coined the hardest working band in country music, is unique in so many ways. One is that they never did let grass grow under their feet – their first year Little Texas performed over 300 shows in order to “build their audience”. Sound familiar? Some Guys Have All the Love was not only their debut single, but also hit the top 10 as did their follow-up song First Time for Everything. Not only were they the hardest working […]


An Inside View with Dan Reardon

Conquer Entertainment continues to attract stellar musicians and performers from all across America. One of the most recent is a young man from New York City actively pursuing his musical career. Dan has always been interested in music having played the saxophone in the band during his high school years, but it wasn’t until he came home during one of his college breaks that he really fell in love with music. When Dan found his father’s old guitar in a […]


Conquer Artist Showcase Maggie Baugh

Up Close and Personal: It is a pleasure bringing you Maggie Baugh with our monthly Conquer Entertainment Concert Series Broadcast, right into your living room. Viewers and her fans are able to ask questions and actually interact with her during the concert… this is the coolest way to promote artists ever devised. This is one event you will NOT want to miss… Tune in Wednesday April 28, 2015 at 9pm EST >>>> CLICK HERE FOR BROADCAST<<<<   Meet Maggie… Maggie Baugh […]