Lights… Camera… Sound?

For the “Do it yourselfer”, some things fall by the wayside when planning a video. Usually 2 of those are lighting and sound. We’ll focus on sound today and the solution is really easy for a one man crew. It’s a Rode videomic. I would also recommend purchasing an extra wind shield for it called a dead cat. Don’t worry, it’s not really a dead cat. it’s just a name. but it’s really fluffy and furry looking to stop the wind from going through your microphone and driving your viewers crazy. Both of these can be picked up through your portal on

For folks that have seen me during Market America International Conventions and World Conferences, this microphone stays on top of my camera. Years ago when I did news interviews, that same mic was on top of a different camera! When I’m on film sets, even though we have a sound operator, I leave this on the camera so the original or “scratch” audio is there in case the recording equipment fails.

This is going to help you immensely when it comes to quick youtube videos, playing a song live in the park that you want recorded or even on the side of a busy highway! It’s still going to be loud and all but you’ll be able to hear who is ever speaking or singing.

There are a few things you need to know. The mic shape and style still pics up noise around you but it’s more focused on what and who is straight ahead. So if you are in front of the camera and there are people talking behind you, the microphone will still pick up their conversation pretty clear. The microphone comes with a black foam cover as an initial windscreen/pop filter. This is only good enough indoors or outdoors with really low wind. The dead cat will be needed to stop the sounds of stronger winds. There does come a point where it is best for the wind to die down before you start filming.

Here is a pretty good visual demonstration of The videomic’s effectiveness: YouTube Preview Image

Why does my music need to be mastered?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.11.18 AM“Why does my music need to be mastered” is something we’ve asked ourselves as we look at the cost of going into the studio, the cost of editing and now the cost of mastering. Cost saving measures usually mean we call the project done after it’s been edited. How do we play it? We crank the speakers up so the listener is hit with a wall of sound and can feel the music. Hopefully they won’t notice something is missing.

Enterprising home recording studio enthusiasts may have bought or pirated a mastering software to help this process along. I’d say that is about the equivalent of driving a car without an ID or wearing clothes too large for you.

Definitely take your music to someone who knows what they are doing. There is more to it than normalizing and compressing the wave forms.

“But I have my music already, it’s a really good mix. It doesn’t need to be mastered.”

If it’s really good to you, it’ll be “pretty good” to some and “ok” to others. After mastering, it should fill out the sound more and others may feel the song the same way you do. Remember, you wrote it, you recorded it, you’re biased. A second ear is worth it.

“But it cost too much.”

So will the disdain of someone important listening to your music and calling it low quality and then presuming your live performance won’t be that great either. There is a difference between opening for the headliner and being the band that plays to get the crowd warmed up for the actual show. Hopefully they are nice enough to put your band name on the flyer.

“What’s so hard about turning the speakers up a little bit?”

Nothing. It’s turning them down when the next song, that has been mastered, feels like it’ll blow your ear drums out.

“Well I don’t hear a difference between the mastered and unmastered version.”

You may not, but the rest of us will. Look and listen to this:

YouTube Preview Image

“Ok, so where do I go to get it mastered?”

The studio where you recorded your music may also do mastering or will have recommendations for you. You can also contact us at and we’ll help find a studio for you if you’re an artist on!

A Letter To The Rockstars

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.50.23 PMThere’s no greater feeling than that of the rush before the stage. With one chance to make an impression, one song to make an impact and all the bumps encountered on your way to the performance, jitters are but a minor thought when so much hangs on the line. It’s the feeling every artist lives through and for. The ability to share their vision, their beauty through simple melodies and profound words to a seemingly virginized audience. No one can express the experience better than the mind of the talent.

We live to share these moments with artists and feel a similar rush upon the opportunities that present themselves. Though we are not performing, we live it, while we root, grow saddened over failures and smile through successes. Will you be sharing the next experience with us?

We are happy to announce yet another round of performance opportunities at the Market America Regional events taking place in the Southeast and Northeast regions. We are looking for National Anthem singers and main stage performers. From indie to pop, rock to hip hop, if you have what it takes we want to hear from you (literally!).

Get the details on the upcoming opportunities, dates, locations and deadlines for submissions from our latest newsletter and be sure to send in your demos to

Fat Joe’s No Stress Contest!

image[1]Fat Joe and Conquer Entertainment want to offer you a chance to win:

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Get your week right & make sure you’re NOT Stressin’

Contest starts Thursday August 28, 2014 and runs through the entire weekend! Spread the word.

For the full list of rules click here Conquer Ultimate Anti Stress Package Contest Rules

The first amendment and your career.

music-industryYou have the right to free speech! Within reason, of course. This doesn’t mean you won’t be subject to consequences and repercussions. Yelling “bomb!” in an airport isn’t good and will get you in legal trouble. Insulting someone may get you into financial trouble with a slander or libel lawsuit. And then there is speaking about a topic that you know something about but not everything. It won’t hurt you legally, but it can lessen your popularity which may lessen your paychecks.

Example 1: Talking about another artist. An artist I knew had a chance to sing a song with R. Kelly. When asked what he thought of it, he said he didn’t think R. Kelly was singing the best he could and should do better. This artist didn’t get to work with R. Kelly. A few months later, R. Kelly came out with “Ignition,” “Ignition remix” and a host of other hits like “Trapped in the Closet” series… Where is that artist? Not sure. I can’t remember his name and I played guitar on the studio tracks.

Example 2: Israel and Palestine. DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE WITH A 10 FOOT POLE! If someone asked you what you think, quote Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along?” And be done with it. You will get hate mail and death threats no matter which side you pick and you could possibly get it from both sides if you play the middle. World peace… go with that.

Example 3: Talking about a group of people. Iggy Azalea had an interview with Sway and she mentioned that Aborigines weren’t too fond of Western Culture so when the Aussie government built them housing, the Aboriginal people tore it down, took the beds outside and slept under the stars because “that’s their culture.” As a person who isn’t from Australia, I would take that at face value because it’s coming from another Australian. But other Australians have a different view. Another Australian pop star, Jessica Mauboy doesn’t see a collaboration with Iggy in her future because she doesn’t think they would get along after “some comments she (Iggy Azalea) made.” Mauboy is Indonesian/Aboriginal Australian.

Example 4: Taking on the persona of a culture. This one has wiggle room. Selena Gomez faced some blowback with using India looks for her music video and she was using them incorrectly. But it’s just a show, right? Her career didn’t suffer for it. Equally, Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” performance at the 2014 Grammy’s has been called demonic, satanic and every other name in the book. Christian singer, Natalie Grant walked out on the performance. Others like Mark Dice, who seemed to profit from this, have referred to artists like Katy Perry as “Barbarian Blasphemous Bimbos” spreading “Corrosion and cultural cow manure for your brain.” For good measure he mentions this performance also being part of an illuminati conspiracy. Wow. Katy Perry has taken it all in stride. I wonder if she’s even thought about it. I don’t see where her career has been hurt at all. The Dixie Chicks, on the other hand, took a big hit in country music. When they said that they were ashamed that George W. Bush was from Texas, they received rave reviews among some folks, but the country music scene wasn’t having any of it. They suffered through radio stations refusing to play their music and a severe drop in ticket sales. What are they doing now? Well, I hear they still work together here and there.

The moral of it all is to be aware of what you say. You never know who will be listening and take offense to it. These days it can mean the difference between future opportunities or you having to “pursue other interests.”

Conquer After Party Showcase 2014

5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock sound check – 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 10 let the show begin! In a countdown that started months ago during the planning and scheduling of the Conquer Entertainment After Party, we can’t express the excitement that builds once the night has finally arrived. In spite of all the paperwork and plans, we rebound to face some snags and better yet, some amazing surprises. This year’s Greensboro event was one to highlight within our timeline, with appearances by Conquer’s very own hip hop artists Maino & Fat Joe, performances by Shiragirl, Justina & Q Baby, the night was unforgettable.

Opening act and North Carolina based artist Q Baby kicked off the festivities in a rock hip hop blend that marks the uniqueness in the band’s name. Followed by Shiragirl who recently came off the annual Warped Tour and Justina who’s latest project Red Velvet is making waves. In an unplanned segment, Fat Joe joined the party and took the stage. Initially seeking to be there in celebration of our site launch, the crowd chanted his name and drew him to the scene he most loves, music. Moving from observer to performer, Joe took the stage as he recited some lines from an old rap he’d written years ago. The night was capped off on an amazing night with a performance by Brooklyn’s very own Maino. To say that the night was a success is an understatement. Miami, here we come!

2014 Conquer Entertainment After Party at The Blind Tiger
YouTube Preview Image

Q Baby & Band Netwerk (SQUAD) – “No Place To Go”
YouTube Preview Image

Shiragirl live at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After Party
YouTube Preview Image

Shiragirl – “That’s How We Roll” live at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After Party
YouTube Preview Image

Justina “Unbelievable” Feat. Maino live at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After Party
YouTube Preview Image

Justina – “Freedom” Live at the Conquer Entertainment Afterparty
YouTube Preview Image

Fat Joe performs at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After Party in Greensboro, NC
YouTube Preview Image

Maino performs “Let It Fly” at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After party
YouTube Preview Image

Maino performs “All The Above” at the 2014 Conquer Entertainment After party
YouTube Preview Image

Life After The Market America International Convention 2014

10592840_10152234037817681_4024980611173741209_nWhat a week, what a week! The Market America International Convention 2014 was, as this generation would say, ‘LIT’! Three days jam packed with the latest news on your favorite products, new reveals, as well as live performances by Conquer Entertainment’s very own soul singer Jeneen Terrana, the beautiful and talented Stevi Leigh and country star Mark Mckinney. This year’s lineup was another notch under Conquer’s belt. Terrana who’s performed on the main stage in the past brought out the big guns in a performance with a live band, dolled up in Motives and a dress that beamed to the last row. Stevi also conquered the stage in a beautiful red skirt and booming vocals that rippled through the arena. Mckinney closed out the week’s performances with some of his original songs that had crowds standing, chanting and dancing at the rim of the stage. All performances to remember.

The convention also featured a special performance by celebrity super star and Ridinger family friend, Jamie Foxx, that had the crowd roaring! The performance, a special tribute to Loren Ridinger, included popular hits such as “Blame It (On The Alcohol)”, “Unpredictable”, “Gold Digger” and more! Also including a live presentation by Fat Joe and new song reveal featuring J.Lo that motivated distributors to keep pushing the entrepreneurial dream.

Dare we mention our annual after party? With performances by Justina, Shiragirl, Q Baby and special headliners, hip hop artists Fat Joe and Maino. Justina’s performance included an unexpected freestyle session with Fat Joe, followed by an “Unbelievable” remix with Maino and a set of some his well known hits “Hands In The Air”, “All About You” and more. If you missed it, you certainly snoozed! This weekend is one we’ll be talking about for years to come.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

For more videos from the 2014 Market America International Convention and the Conquer Entertainment After Party, click here!

Greensboro, We’re BACK!

Excitement ensues as we prepare for the Market America International Convention 2014. With live main stage performances by some of our amazing Conquer acts, performing before a whopping 20,000+ guests! We’ve got live performances on stage, acoustic performances at the booth, online streaming and more, we will be LIVE everywhere! Plus a rockin’ after party that will have you dancing till the wee hours of the night. There’s no denying that music is everywhere and that it indeed makes the world go round.

Join us as we take over the Greensboro scene! Conquer the weekend in a kick off night, August 8th at The Blind Tiger with performances featuring special guest and Hip Hop rapper Maino celebrating his latest and successful album KOB that featured the likes of T.I., French Montana, Meek Mill, Troy Ave, Jadakiss, Raekwon, Uncle Murda just to mention a few. Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour Shiragirl and miss red velvet herself, Justina! We’ve rocked it in the years past and we are ready to do it again. Are you ready?

Justina ‘Unbelievable’ Remix featuring Maino.
YouTube Preview Image

Shira Rocking The Shiragirl Stage at the Vans Warped Tour 2014.
YouTube Preview Image

Warped Tour 2014: Sara Leketa

Sara Leketa and C.A.D. Nina Pickell

Sara Leketa and C.A.D. Nina Pickell

So often we see our favorite artists take the stage and assume that they’ve got it all together but we can’t forget that our musical heroes are still human. Many still get nervous before hitting a stage, others feel the rush of doubt after its over. In every scenario they never give up on the gift at hand. Warped Tour performing artist Sara Leketa is a testament of that. Seizing her fears for what she loves most and giving fans the sound they came for.

1. You struggled for some time with stage fright, how did you overcome that challenge? What advice would you share with others experiencing the same?

A lot of Vodka!! (Kidding!!!) I used to literally be sick for days before a show, and tremble so badly I could barely play. So I decided the only way I would get over it, was by doing it more. So I played as much as, and in as many places possible, the more uncomfortable I was, the better because I knew it would be easier next time. Thats my biggest advice to anyone struggling with the same. Do it as much as you possibly can, and challenge yourself to perform in all sorts of environments. The butterflies never go away, but as someone once told me- “that’s how you know you love it.”

2. Bret Michaels, (from) Poison, and the BMB)!! What was it like sharing the stage with such a well known act?
Opening for Bret Michaels was a dream come true! I was a HUGE Poison fan growing up, so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to open for someone I looked up to so much as a child. I have to say, he was one of the most appreciative and genuine entertainers I’ve ever met. Very sincere.

3. Who are some of your biggest music inspirations?
Oh man, so many! Music was a constant staple when I was growing up. I really dig the Blues, Classic rock and old Motown. Bessie Smith, Otis redding, Big Brother and the Holding Co. More recently, artists like Beth Hart, The Black Crowes and of course Aerosmith! Maya Angelou has had a huge impact on me creatively.

Honestly, I draw a lot of inspiration from the local artists and anyone very honestly into their art and creativity.

4. You recently took on the shiragirl stage at Warped Tour, what was that experience like? Is it what you imagined?
We had a blast playing the Shiragirl stage at Warped Tour! Everyone was great to us, and the experience was something to remember.

5. Can we expect to see you take the Warped Tour stage in the future?
I hope so! We’d love to come back, and we’ll be ready to rock!

Warped Tour 2014 with Melanie Lynx

Melanie Lynx

Melanie Lynx

Among the many bands and artists to take the stage at Warped Tour this year were some Conquer veterans. Fresh off the stage of the American Airlines Arena in a performance before 25,000 people, Melanie Lynx sees no boundaries in her future. Taking on the Shiragirl Stage at Warped Tour she couldn’t be any less excited about the whole experience. See what she had to say about the tour and the stage that’s putting rocking women on the music map!

1. It was great to have you take the stage at Warped Tour this year. Tell us about that experience. Was it everything you expected? And can we expect to see you at Warped Tour in the future?
My Warped experience was IN-CRED-I-BLE. I had the time of my life, met some amazing people, had some really magical moments on stage, and can now say I PLAYED WARPED TOUR. I look forward to playing Warped in the future for sure.

2. What does the Shiragirl Stage represent to you as a female artist?
Through my experiences I’ve found that a lot of female artists are often underestimated and let me tell you… there is nothing better than seeing a confident, beautiful and badass female up on stage performing with her band. This year at Warped- amongst all the dude bands- I think it was fucking cool how the Shiragirl Stage featured badass female artists and just how hard they can rock.

3. As a dedicated Conquer Entertainment artist what wise words would you pass on to the artists who are recently joining or contemplating the decision?
Conquer has opened up doors to me I don’t think I would have ever accessed otherwise at this early in my career. They’ve provided me with my own Certified Artist Developer, teams of supporters, and opportunities that have helped in countless ways to give my career a kick start. I’ve played arenas multiple times with 25,000 people, at famous venues and now at Warped Tour. I couldn’t be more grateful.

4. Tell us about your most memorable performance. What makes it so memorable and what did you take from that experience?
I have had a ton of performances that have been memorable all for different reasons. I mostly remember the ones where the crowd was super interactive—they’re attention tells me I’m doing my job right.

YouTube Preview Image